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Terms of Service

By using Saubers's website, services and products you agree to our terms of service which consist of the following:

Saubers provides web hosting at wholesale price for web developers who should be familiar with server admin and hosting tools.

Saubers provides unlimited support in the event of product failure, prolonged down time and related technical malfunctions.

At the price we sell support does not include hosting tools usage such as WHM/cPanel. If you need support for these you may consult their manuals online or negotiate an additional support plan with us.

While we strive for and usually are close to 100% uptime we honestly cannot guaranty it. Hardware upgrades and software updates happen a few times a year and may takes a few hours to complete.

Acts of God
Saubers cannot be liable for what is called "Acts of God" such as earthquake, power failure, acts of war, terrorism, etc...

Service usage
Clients are NOT ALLOWED to use our service for:
• Spamming
• Hacking, DoS
• Mining, Torrent, Proxy, Tor nodes
• Doxing
• Nudity of ANY age
• Promotion of violence, self-harm

Accounts are activated between 4 mn and 48 hours after payment is completed. The user is required to update its domain nameservers if he didn't purchase a domain with us.

Saubers provides a 3 days money back guarantee for WHM & cPanel accounts minus US$5 if bought using PayPal and minus US$10 if bought using bank transfer. Money back is not provided on website plans but you may convert them into a cPanel account. Make sure you try the Free demo and User manuals/Tutorials to access capabilities before ordering.

Suspension & termination
Saubers reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account that is found violating our terms of service.
Violations of "Service usage" cited above will result in immediate termination with no warning and no refund.

Thank you for your understanding,


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