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Privacy Policy

Saubers process and store data in accordance with the EU GDPR regulation 2016/679 of the European parliament.
The following document fulfills the requirements of the GDPR Articles 13 and 14 in informing you about the collection and processing of personal data on our website.

Data collected
Saubers does not collect any personal information without your consent when you visit this website.

Saubers does NOT use ANY kind of 3rd party code on this website. We do not use any spyware oriented code, links or meta tags such as "google analytics", "facebook like", "twiter", "jQuery", etc... Absolutely NONE.
All the code on our site is written in house and there are ZERO external links.

Server logs
Like every website our server receive your IP address and the header information sent by your browser with a timestamp.
This information is automatically logged for 30 days by the server software and may be given to authorities in cases of illegal behaviour.

User input
Anything a user write in the Form mail and in comments is the user responsibility. Saubers cannot be liable for the leakage of this data which is collected before it reaches us by browsers like "Chrome", the visitor's ISP, Appstore, Playstore and other rogue apps, malware like key loggers, etc...

Cookies, Web storage and Javascript are NOT required on our website.
• If enabled, cookies or web storage may be used to save Cart information and Purchase Orders numbers so you may check invoices online.
• Cookies are required for login to keep a session ID.
• If enabled, Javascript may be used for convenience like verifying forms for errors in numbers, email address, etc....
No other form of storage is used.

Thank you for your understanding,


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